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Top 5 places in Velingrad

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Lake Kleptuza, Velingrad

Velingrad – 5 landmarks and places you must see in the region

In the western part of the Rhodope Mountains, nestled in the Chepino Valley, lies the picturesque town of Velingrad, famous for its many mineral springs. There are also a large number of hotels, most of which use the healing properties of the mineral water for their pools, so that every guest of the city has the opportunity to enjoy this healing pleasure.

If you are staying in a hotel in the town and you are fed up with the entertainment offered by luxury hotels, and prefer to explore the surrounding countryside and landmarks – you are in the right place! This article aims to inform you about 5 of the most interesting sights in and around Velingrad.

Paleontological museum of pliocene epoh, Dorkovo, Bulgaria

Paleontological museum and Tsepina Fortress, village of Dorkovo

Both locations are located near the village of Dorkovo, which is about 15 kilometers from Velingrad. The paleontological site is a combination of diorama and sculpture, recreating the setting and inhabitants of the region 5 million years ago. The sculptures of the ancient animals were made according to the remains found near the Pliocene park. Tsepina Fortress also has a museum that displays artifacts used by our ancestors centuries ago. About 10 minutes walk from the museum, along a pleasant, shady and secure path leads to the fortress, from which you can see not only how our ancestors and the preserved remains of their buildings lived, but also the stunning views of the incredible Rhodope Mountains.

Lake Kleptuza, Velingrad

Kleptuza lake, Velingrad

Kleptuza Spring – This symbolic city park is an extremely interesting place to visit during your holiday in Velingrad. There are several romantic restaurants around the two karst lakes and are also surrounded by evergreen trees, creating a beautiful natural park suitable for a pleasant walk with loved onese.

Batak dam lake drone view

Tsigov Chark and Batak dam lake

This mountain resort is located on the southwest coast of Batak Dam. The distance from Velingrad to Tsigov Chark is no more than 20 kilometers, which makes it a wonderful destination to spend your free afternoon. If you are a fan of fishing you will have a huge field of expression as your family relaxes and enjoys the cool weather and the Rhodopean beauties.

Art galleries in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Lepenitza cave, Velingrad

No more than 15 kilometers from Velingrad, near the town of Rakitovo, is the Lepenitsa Cave. The cave is located at 1300m above sea level and is just over 1500m deep. The halls in it have intriguing names like the Concert Hall and the Crumble. The unusually beautiful cave formations are also quite attractive to tourists.

History museum, Velingrad

Vela Peeva House-Museum and History museum

This is the new name of the city history museum in Velingrad, founded only in 1951. The museum offers 5 departments: 1-Archaeological discoveries, 2-History of Bulgaria in the period from XV-XIX century, 3-Ethnography, 4-Modern history, 5-Art department. If you want to improve your historical knowledge or just enrich your general culture, this is the place to do it.

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